UX + LX is an open source app built using the Ionic Framework by @anthkris. If you have additional questions, get in touch!

What is UX + LX

UX + LX is a micro-learning app built around short, practical lessons to help LX Designers (or instructional designers, if that's your title of choice) to implement user experience research and methodologies into their work and reap the benefits.

* * *

What topics do you cover?

Right now we cover:

  • What is UX and why you need it
  • A brief overview of different UX research methods and when you might deploy them as an LX Designer

In the future, we hope to cover topics around:

  • Collecting and using research data
  • How to respond to objections around implementing UX research for your learning experience design
  • A practical usability testing framework
  • UX research toolkits and resources
  • And more...

* * *

Who creates the lessons?

The first couple of lessons and the original app design were created by Kristin Anthony, based on an idea she had with Ellen Hayes.

We hope that subsequent lessons will come from the community of LX Designers currently using UX methods in their work.

* * *

I have a lesson idea. How do I help?

We'd love to have you on board! Get in touch by either:

  • Submitting an issue via Github: UXLX
  • Contacting Kristin on Twitter: @anthkris