UX + LX is built to help LX Designers incorporate UX into their work.

We built the app to be practical, minimal, micro-learning that you could pick up whenever you had a few minutes. As part of our learning experience design, we also use xAPI to track your participation in the lessons.

Our privacy policy explains:

  • What information we collect and why we collect it
  • How we use that information

About xAPI

This app collects participation information using xAPI. xAPI is an open specification that supports data interoperability. An xAPI statement from the app might look like this:

  const videoTinCan = new TinCan.Statement({
  "actor": {
    name: self.userName, // your user name from your login
    mbox: self.userEmail,// your email from your login
  "verb": {
     id: "",
     display: {'en-US': 'played'} // what activity you engaged in; in this case, playing a video
  "object": {
     id: videoUrl,
     definition: {
        name: { "en-US": videoTitle }, // the object you interacted with; in this case, the video you played
  "context": { // other information, such as which lesson the video was located in and who wrote the lesson
    "contextActivities": {
      "parent": {
        "id": "" + self.lessonNum
    "extensions": {
      "": {
        "name": self.authorName,
        "mbox": "mailto:" + self.authorEmail

To learn more about xAPI, we recommend:

What Information We Collect

As a part of implementing xAPI in this app, we colelt your username and email from your social login to use as an identifier.

We also track your activity throughout the app, including

  • Logging in
  • Starting, moving through, and completing a lesson
  • Playing, pausing, and skipping around in audion and video media
  • Clicking on reference links

How We Use The Information

Your anonymized xAPI data (stripped of your username and email) may be shared with xAPI researchers interested in the kind of information xAPI can reveal and how to visualize that data.

Your sensitive information WILL NOT be shared.